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Real Estate

Real estate refers to any property consisting of the land and the buildings on it, along with its natural resources, such as rivers, trees, crop fields, etc.  Whether you are buying, selling, renting, or refinancing your house, our experienced legal team will strongly advocate for you at each and every step of the process.  Our attorneys will defend you against foreclosures, acquire loan modifications, negotiate short sales, challenge zoning, town and counties.


Over the years, the attorneys at The Law Office of Sheikh Irfan Afzal PLLC. have provided numerous homeowners and lenders with reliable counseling of the highest ethical standards, in the area of bankruptcy law. Clients appreciate the rigor of our approach, with our lawyers employing winning strategies in all areas of the homeowners defense – from loan modification and short sale to the structuring of a resolution in conference.

Similarly, our long, successful track record includes foreclosure cases, in which our expert attorneys represent the lender and handle procedures against the homeowner, from pre-foreclosure notice filing to auction and sale. Call The Law Office of Sheikh Irfan Afzal PLLC. today for a consultation.

Loan Modification

Last decade’s economic and financial crisis had severe impact not only on the American but on our global economy. In the wake of it, our government respond to it by designing several programs, which are committed to the support of all American homeowners. If you are a homeowner who struggles with monthly loan payments, call us. We can reduce your monthly mortgage payment, interest rate and even principal balance. If you a homeowner fallen behind your monthly mortgage payments, call The Law Office of Sheikh Irfan Afzal PLLC.

Short Sale

When faced with a challenge, such as the loss of a job, health emergency, or sudden death, homeowners, more often than not, struggle to maintain financial balance and remain current on their mortgage, credit card and loan payments. Despite the need to sell your home and free yourself from the burden of monthly mortgage payments, you find yourself in an impossible predicament – your home is worth less than what you owe for it to the lender, which means you can’t sell it. Our attorneys can help in these difficult and confusing moments in your life. We will diligently work on your case and achieve the most beneficial legal solution for you. One such solution is the short sale, in which the lender agrees to lower the payoff of the homeowner’s mortgage, in favor of a quick sale and a resolution most agreeable to both parties. At the end, the lender ends up with the bulk of their loan proceeds paid off, while the homeowner avoids bankruptcy and/or foreclosure. Call The Law Office of Sheikh Irfan Afzal PLLC. today for a consultation.


Most cities and towns enforce zoning laws, which impact many important decisions, such as the purchase of property or improvements made to existing property. In Philadelphia City, all zoning permits, from street fairs to construction sites, require an official application process. The Law Office of Sheikh Irfan Afzal PLLC. covers all areas of zoning/permits legal representation and counsel. Our attorneys are ready to lend their expertise in this field, and guide you through all exceptions to the norm in zoning/permits legal code, violations, issued by the town or county against you, and lengthy permit applications. Call The Law Office of Sheikh Irfan Afzal PLLC. today for a consultation.


The landlord-tenant law governs the rental of commercial and residential property.The basis for good relationship between landlord and tenant is simple – you need to have a good legal contract and good lawyer, whose specialty is property law . The transactional lawyers at The Law Office of Sheikh Irfan Afzal, PLLC stand ready to assist you in drafting or reviewing lease agreements. Our litigation attorneys are well versed in all court and agency proceedings and have extensive experience in representing both landlords and tenants. Call The Law Office of Sheikh Irfan Afzal, PLLC. today for a consultation.