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Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation is the representation of a corporation or other business entity, in any business dispute. The Law Office of Sheikh Irfan Afzal, PLLC. has extensive expertise in representing the interests of businesses in a wide range of commercial disputes, before administrative tribunals and at agency hearings.  Whether you have a contract dispute or a sexual harassment complaint against one of your employees, our attorneys are here to help.


Whether you want to buy a new business, lease office space, enter into an agreement with a vendor or foresee potential disputes with employees in the near future, our attorneys will provide you with the best representation possible. In the event you have been served legal papers or are looking to commence legal action against another party, call the Law Office of Sheikh Irfan Afzal, PLLC.. If you’re planning to start a business, acquire commercial real estate, begin or terminate employment, or enter into a business agreement or partnership, hire the transaction attorneys of the Law Office of Sheikh Irfan Afzal, PLLC..


Contact our firm to discuss formation/dissolution; general business counsel; drafting and review of all corporate documents (releases, waivers, agreements, contracts, etc., ); mediation; arbitration and litigation.


Call the Law Office of Sheikh Irfan Afzal, PLLC. today for a free consultation at 484-999-0280.