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Business Law Office Serving Pennsylvania


Are you in need of a business law office in Pennsylvania? At The Law Office of Sheikh Irfan Afzal PLLC., we have experience representing businesses, whether LLCs, corporations, or other business entities in business related disputes, including contract disputes. When you’re trying to run a business, it is always helpful to have an experienced attorney representing your interests, no matter what should arise.  This gives you peace of mind to focus on your business and its profits.  


At The Law Office of Sheikh Irfan Afzal PLLC., we represent our clients in a range of business disputes, including sexual harassment cases, termination of employment, acquiring a new business, and contract law.  We pride ourselves on our reputation for treating each business we represent with respect.  Our team of top attorneys handle both big and small cases in our Pennsylvania business law offices.

Among the most Reputable Business

Lawyers in Pennsylvania

Business law covers a wide range of commercial concerns that the attorneys at The Law Office of Sheikh Irfan Afzal PLLC. focus in.  Our range of business law services in Pennsylvania includes:

  • Buying a new business
  • Leasing office space
  • Buying commercial real estate
  • Employment issues
  • Contract drafting
  • Contract negotiation
  • Contract interpretation
  • Contract modification
  • Mediation or arbitration
  • Owner and Partner Disputes
  • Wind Down & Dissolving Businesses
  • All Business Related Litigation


What areas does the law offices of  Sheikh Irfan Afzal PLLC. serve?

If your business is located in Pennsylvania, we are happy to represent your interests.  At the Law Office of Sheikh Irfan Afzal PLLC. we provide business law services to business owners.

Contact our Business Lawyers in Pennsylvania

Have you found yourself wanting to buy or start a business in Pennsylvania?  Are you considering purchasing commercial real estate?  Perhaps you were an employee at a company and were wrongfully terminated?  At the Law Office of Sheikh Irfan Afzal PLLC., we represent clients in such business related situations and much more.  We take on cases that are both big and small.  We offer no-obligation, free initial consultations by phone.  This way, you can tell us about your case and we will listen and analyze the details.  Afterward, we will give you our expert legal opinion about your case.  You can also use this free phone call to tell us about the business ventures you have planned and the contracts that you will need help drafting or negotiating.  


Whether you reside or your business is located in Philadelphia or one of the areas listed above, we can represent you in your business law case. Our litigation team are experts in commercial law, including contract law, and will listen to your case and give you their legal advice in a free initial call. Do not go forward with important business transactions without consulting the expertise of a trusted, reputable commercial attorney in Pennsylvania.  

When you hire The Law Office of Sheikh Irfan Afzal PLLC., you have access to our legal team of experts who will work hard to win your business dispute or help you negotiate a contract in your favor. Call The Law Office of Sheikh Irfan Afzal PLLC. at 484-273-0699 right now to speak with a friendly member of our business law team.